SNATCHURAL: The Guide to a Natural Looking BBL 🍑

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Introducing “SNATCHURAL: The Guide to a Natural Looking BBL” 🍑

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NEW BODY, who dis? YES I got my body done this summer. I’ve been recovering since then, hence my absence on IG.

I get so many questions about my BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).
Where did you do it? Who was your doctor? Did it hurt? Do you have before/after pics?

This is round 2 for me but it’s my first time doing Lipo 360. I didn’t really know what to ask my doctor at the time. The results looked good then too but I gained weight over the years & improper aftercare the first time around didn’t help.

Since then, I’ve researched for years & implemented that research on myself. (And on my sister too!)

Any work I get done, I like it looking NATURAL. “Did she or didn’t she?” is my thing.
The new aesthetic is swinging back to the minimal side with women getting reductions and removals.
Do it right the first time!

I’m very open & honest about surgery. Do you think these IG girls selling workout plans don’t have work done?
Oh BUTT They do!!!

Don’t make ASS-umptions. Do your research and get to the BOTTOM of it!
Get my guide and start planning your surgery with first hand experience, pics, tips & advice, checklists, trackers, progress calls, etc.


Ever considered getting a BBL but don’t know where to start? Gained some COVID weight without gym access? Need a head start to your fitness journey? Need a new post-baby body or a boost of confidence? Tired of FaceTuning your images & hiding in real life?

Then this guide is for you. Let’s get to work. No ifs or ands, just really nice BUTTS.

This guide is everything you need to prep for your BBL surgery, all in one fun workbook. This is a physical product to allow you to fill in calendars, checklists & trackers and to keep everything you need in one place.


- A glossary/dictionary of abbreviations and words found in the surgery community
- FAQs
- What to expect: pre/post op, pain/emotions, costs/expenses including how much I spent on my BBL
- My Toronto doctor’s info
- Before & After pictures of my sister & I
- Understanding your body/skin type & how to choose a “wish pic”
- What to ask your doctor for, words to avoid, etc.
- Shopping list: links to everything I purchased to maximize my results and comfort
- Stages of recovery including my personal timeline with progress pictures
- Compression tips: Fajas, foams, boards & more tips to maximize your results
- Massages and other post op care including my Toronto post op care info
- How to sleep, sit, drive after a BBL
- What to eat to “feed the fat” including recipes for 5 meals/day for 5 days
- Personal trackers/checklists: measurements, costs/expenses, water intake
- Calendars: massages, pre and post op appts, vitamins/supplements
- Schedule a “Booty Call” Consultation with me for 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour